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Aus Holland

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  • Aus Holland

    Entschuldigung, meine Deutsche sprache ist schlecht. So will try in English if ok by forum rules.

    My name is Johan and I live in Amsterdam.

    Shooting M1 carbine at this moment. I used to have a S&W 686 and reload on a 650XL.

    I just ordered a Schmeisser AR 20" Ultramatch for precision shooting at 100 and 300 m. I have some questions about how to set up this gun, will ask them in the correct forum section. I guess a lot of Germans have a Schmeisser so for that reason listed on this forum.

    Good shooting!

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    Hej Johan, welcome here in Forum.

    You have a Honda XL650 ? Great Motorbike,
    MfG aus der schönen Pfalz

    Eins ist sicher - die Rente ( Norbert Blüm, anno die 90er, )
    Wir schaffen das ( Angela Merkel 2015, Und wen meint sie mit "wir" ?

    "Bevor isch misch uffreg, is mers egal ....." oder auch "Äner vun uns zwä is bleeder wie isch....."


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      Zitat von Pfälzer Beitrag anzeigen
      Hej Johan, welcome here in Forum.

      You have a Honda XL650 ? Great Motorbike,

      Yes, I mounted the XL650 on my 650XL!


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        I love cheese from Holland.
        Tulips and caravan I do not need.
        Why the Schmeisser Ultramatch ?


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          Basically I like to choose for European made (old world) instead of Bushmaster, Colt etc. It is gut feeling.

          Schmeisser seems very nice German made quality rifle. At least in Holland "German made" really means something.

          Maybe DAR is better but I don't have the money for DAR... So the Schmeisser seems good for my purpose.

          Oberland looks nice but has metric design. As most after market components are US made, metric system design does not make sense.

          So yeah the Schmeisser seems to me very good option.

          Regarding ammunition prices (totally crazy nowadays) .223 is better as to .308 etc.


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            Congrats to the UM, I have one for over two years now, absolutely great rifle.

            Never had any probs with it and it shoots as accurate as I can do it.

            I ordered it with the Quadrail, what was a total failure.
            Mounted the Samson Evolution with 12,37", which is a little bit expensive, but imho worth the money.
            "Der Euro muss platzen, sonst bekommen wir ein sozialistisches Zwangssystem."
            (Prof. Max Otte)